Darrell Grant

All 4 Naught Trio

All 4 Naught is a three-piece band that connects the jazz artist’s creativity and inspiration to the music of today.


All 4 Naught Trio

Performer List

Darrell Grant, piano, Wurlizter, melodica, cajon, vocals
    and loop pedals
Eric Gruber, upright and electric bass
Tyson Stubelek, drums and percussion

All 4 Naught (A4N) is a three-piece band that connects the jazz artist’s creativity and inspiration to the music of today.  In the same way that 1950’s era bebop musicians re-imagined the music of Cole Porter, Lorenz Hart, and George Gershwin, A4N visits the songs of contemporary artists ranging from Lorde and Pharrell Williams to Sting and Crosby, Stills & Nash with all the imagination, harmonic adventurousness, and rhythmic mastery of today’s jazz, showing audiences another side of music they thought they knew.

Growing up in Denver, Colorado in the 1970’s, Darrell Grant was immersed in a musical culture that celebrated original music, no matter the genre. Finding like-minded musicians, writing music, and starting a band was just what you did at the time. That collaborative ethos has remained a touchstone throughout Grant’s musical career. Beginning with his 1989 major-label debut leading the eclectic jazz-fusion group Current Events and continuing with Portland-based ensembles People Music Project and On the Territory, the idea of a band has been a constant and critical piece of Grant’s musical output as is the idea that the role of the jazz musician is to address the music of his or her own time.


About the Music

Combining creativity, craft, and feeling, All 4 Naught’s repertoire of original arrangements and compositions feature Grant on acoustic piano, Wurlitzer, melodica, cajon, vocals, and loop pedals, Eric Gruber on upright and electric bass, and Tyson Stubelek on drums and percussion. Although A4N uses both acoustic and electronic textures, they do so in an organic way prioritizes the human element.

A4N is also a testament to shared history. Bassist Eric Gruber and drummer Tyson Stubelek were both former students of Grant’s at Portland State University where they were instrumental in shaping the music that became Grant’s critically-recognized CD Truth and Reconciliation. Years later, the three reconnected as Grant sought like-minded voices to put together this unique trio project. 

In addition to appearances at the 2015 Montavilla Jazz Festival and Portland venues Jimmy Mak’s  and Artist’s Repertory Theatre, collaborative projects like “Sting: The Jazz Remix” find the group expanding its sonic palette with the addition of guest instrumentalists and vocalists.

This project is available for booking. Please contact Kim Gumbel for more information.

Jazz is any musical material in the hands of musicians with the creativity and the tools to remake it.
— Darrell Grant