Teaming up with Edna Vazquez to Support Immigrants & Refugees

I'm honored to be teaming up with force of nature, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Edna Vazquez at a benefit for The Innovation Law Lab's Big Immigration Law Project. Edna and I first worked together on a benefit concert for BRAVO Youth Orchestras this April. When I was contacted by a former student who had spent time collecting letters from mothers at a refugee detention center near the border in Texas about being part of a benefit for those immigrants and refugees, I immediately thought of pulling Edna into the event. My student shared 21 heart-wrenching letters about these women's' harrowing experiences with us. Everything is there - prayers and blessings, shattered expectations, ferocious love for their children, heartbreak, and boundless hope. Edna and I chose one of the letters and set the words to song. We got to rehearse it yesterday, and it is POWERFUL stuff. 

The benefit is this Wednesday, June 28, and unfortunately, the guest list is full, but you can donate to the Immigration Law Lab here