Darrell Grant

is a creative artist who harnesses the power of music to create change.  Whether through performing, composing, teaching, or organizing musical initiatives around community, sustainability or social justice, he seeks to leverage a deeper level of engagement and connection.

I didn’t know jazz piano could be this good; the gorgeous harmonies, subtle nuances, uplifting swing, brilliantly re-composed standard themes, and the range and depth of feelings were a revelation.
— The Evening Post, (Wellington, New Zealand)

Darrell's Latest Writings


Darrell enjoys finds inspiration in the words of fellow artists, thinkers and makers. Here he shares some of his favorites.

Why Are you Doing?
- Derik Sivers

The most important thing in life is to know why you are doing what you’re doing.

Most people don’t know. They just go with the flow. Social norms are really powerful. The inputs that influence you are really powerful. A great video, talk, or book can convince you that you should be acting and thinking like that.

But the worst thing in life would be a death-bed regret that you’ve spent your life pursuing what someone said you should want, instead of what you really want. 

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Leverage, Picking Yourself and
The Art of Getting Paid
- Mission Paradox Blog

I love it when issues of artist compensation are discussed.  I have a particular passion for helping artists get more money for the work . . . so let's talk about getting paid.

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