Chamber Jazz  |  TOURING 2017–18 & 2018–19

Inspired by the Modern Jazz Quartet, MJ New blends jazz and classical music in a unique way.

Chamber jazz pays homage to the connections between counterpoint, composition, and improvisation, appealing to classical and jazz audiences equally.

In addition to performing classic Modern Jazz Quartet (MJQ) arrangements like “Django,” “Bag’s Groove,” and lesser-known gems like “Odds Against Tomorrow,” MJ New takes MJQ’s homage to Bach as a point of departure with selections like “Bach to Brazil,” which blends of Bach and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Chamber jazz explores the improvisatory possibilities of the classical canon, turning Beethoven’s Fur Elise into “A Viennese Affaire,” and offering a lyrical reading to Chopin’s virtuosic Étude Opus 10 No. 6. Presenters can find press information for the tuxedoed quartet here as well as on Marcus Shelby’s and Mike Horsfall’s.

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Clinic Offerings

The Intersection: Where Classical Meets Jazz

Using the MJQ as a lens, Grant guides participants in a 60-minute course featuring passages by Ravel, Gershwin, Chopin, and more.

Improvisation and Group Communication

For those beginning to explore improvisation to those looking to sharpen their skills, tools and tips from these seasoned players will building a solid framework for expanding on passages without going off the rails.

Engaged Artistry: Music and Leadership

Educators, community leaders, and frequent conference speaker, Grant shares inspiration and insights on artistic leadership in social engagement for young artists.