Tackling racial prejudice and celebrating diversity | Touring 2018–19

Set in the segregation-era South, Step by Step: The Ruby Bridges Suite follows the story of six-year-old Ruby Bridges desegregating New Orleans’s William Franz Elementary. Drawing on gospel and spiritual traditions as well as jazz and chamber music, the multi-movement piece weaves music and spoken word to illustrate an emotional portrait of a dramatic time in US history. The chamber version of Step by Step is features an ensemble of eight musicians plus vocal soloist and narrator in a powerful and poignant ode to social justice.

Step by Step: with Gospel choir:  In 2015 Grant and composer/conductor Jason Shelton collaborated to arrange the vocal selections of Step by Step: The Ruby Bridges Suite for gospel choir, vocal soloists, ensemble, and narrator. Subsequent touring performances include Nashville, Washington DC, and New Orleans. Presenters can book either the nine-piece chamber version played by the Oregon Territory Ensemble or Grant and Shelton to perform with a local choir.

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Educational opportunities accompanying Step by Step include: The Intersection: Where Classical Meets Jazz and Engaged Artistry: Music and Leadership.