• Produced & arranged by Darrell Grant
  • Executive Producer: Craig Berkman
  • Recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley,CA &The Holler, Nashville TN
  • Engineered by Mike Cogan, except * engineered by Eric Legg.
  • Assistant engineer Kenny Fairris
  • Additional engineering by Dean Baskerville
  • Mixed by Eric Legg at The Mixbox, Nashville, TN
  • Mastered by Ryan Foster at Freq Mastering, Portland, OR
  • Art Design & Photography by Darcy Dziedzic


  • Darrell Grant -piano, vocals, words, snaps, claps, & slaps
  • Paul Leim-drums
  • Craig Nelson-bass
  • David Hungate-guitar
  • Lari White-vocals


A Child is Born

Of all the songs about birth, this one has always seemed to me to capture the innocence and tenderness of those first moments.

People Get Ready

This song has always hit a resonant note for me. Its message is an anchor of hope. Its groove, a sure cure for the blues. Props to B. McFerrin & Take Six for the percussive inspiration.

Morning Star-Evening Rose : Oh Come Emmanuel/Erev Shel Shoshonim

Two beautiful songs of joy and longing. My thanks to Harry Belafonte for his version of “Erev Shel Shoshonim,” which has soothed me since I first heard it at age eight.

Star Eyes

This always struck me as more than a love song. More like the murmur of a celestial river, Ever hopeful. Inspired by the improvisations of Liz Story


A clear night. The marvel of a starry sky. The knowledge that we are not alone. My everlasting gratitude to Samuel Barber for composing “Sure on this Shining Night,” which made it all real.

Balm in Gilead

A song that has sustained a people through 400 years of slavery and oppression. still comforts me today. It seemed to flow naturally into the slow movement from the Brahms F minor Piano Sonata, which is a piece of music I have literally never been able to hear without crying.


In rare moments, unexpectedly, our futures become clear, and we glimpse what our lives can be.

The Water is Wide

There are some songs that in their simplicity speak truly and deeply. They become vessels for those things we cannot otherwise express. This song has always embodied to me the aching sweetness and beauty of life.


I wrote this song as a Christmas gift for my extended family. I send it out with all my love and hope for the newest of our clan: Elijah, Natasha, and Alex.


One of my mentors, saxophonist Frank Morgan, used to begin and end every set with this piece. May it soothe you as it has me over the years.

Shower the People

James Taylor, storyteller, poet, troubadour, author of so much beauty, so much honesty, and oh that voice…

Another Time

Since 9/11/01 it has become ever more clear that there is no time to waste. For all those for whom there will not be another time, and for those of us who have been given that gift. Give it to love.


If I had one dream, it would be a world without rich or poor. If I had one wish, it would be for a better life for the children. If I had one hope, it would be to measure up to the courage of my forefathers. If I had one prayer, it would be always for peace, always.


Another Time

I would have held you to me another time
If I had known there would not be another time
I would buy today to bring back yesterday
Before it slipped away.

If we could walk hand in hand another time
And never come upon this land of left behind
Not this day that innocence departed, no warning.
Not this place where all the broken-hearted are carried away.

To see the smile on your face another time
I would create another place another time.
I would cry for peace.
I would make war to cease
if it would bring release.

To find you waiting for me another time
and to be certain I would hold your hand in mine
I would pray on every star in heaven,and weeping
I would dream myself awake from sleeping
And cherish the day.

And so tomorrow will be another time
and if it’s not the will of fate to change her mind
We may only have today to savor this treasure
Every hour is precious beyond measure
Give it to love.


Though I cross the world in my travels
Secrets and wonders that I see
Still inside my heart is a yearning
Deep is the place for family

All my fame and all of my fortune
Everything that I've achieved
I will bring it here to the hearthstone
All of it gift for family

Chorus: We are carrying the day
Shining on each other's way
Gallantly we stand
This home and family

Sons and fathers, mothers and daughters
Each in the other's eyes will see
Visions of the road we will travel
Leaves on the tree of family

Hand to hand throughout generations
Tenderly passing on our dreams
Whispered in the ears of the babies
These are the songs our children sing.

Chorus: They are carrying the day
Shining on each other's way
keeping hope in hand
for home and family

When the world has cast me to bottom
dashed on the rocks, and lost at sea
When my life is stretched to the breaking
I will remember family.

Little babe I hold in my arms now
Thanks for the wondrous gifts you bring
Listen I will tell you the story
Tell you about this family



By this starlight wandering
I have roamed far from home
Riding out this stormy sea all around me
Hope has found me
Here my soul for wonder weeps
at shadows on the stars.

Now the birds have taken wing.
Summer's flown, seeds are sown.
Now this faith in crowns and kings fails to flower
come darkest hours
Still the moon so brightly sings
Of shadows on the stars

In the heart of Winter deep
Saints will pray, vigils keep
Pointing to a mystery
Seasons turning, we are learning