Exploring the relationship between people and place  | Touring 2018–19

Stemming from the viticultural concept of terroir, The Territory seeks to find the innate sound, the vibration and ethos, of Oregon. The nine-piece ensemble explores a range of Oregon’s cultural history and geography over the course of nine movements. Grant’s 2013 composition delves into connection between people and place through the lens of Nez Perce history, WWII’s Japanese interment camps, and good times at the Golden West, the first African American-owned hotel West of the Mississippi, as well as the power of the Missoula Floods, Oregon’s mighty rivers, and the mystical Fort Rock in the center of the state. A deep, and ultimately uplifting, look at his adopted state, Grant’s The Territory has been hailed as “irrepressibly energetic and finely polished.” by The Oregonian, and a “triumph of spirit!” by the arts journal Northwest Reverb.

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Clinic Offerings

Educational opportunities accompanying The Territory include: Building a Sustainable Arts Ecology and Searching the Sonic Landscape, a toolbox for uncovering the endemic sounds of your home.