1996 (32 Jazz)

Sounds Of Your Dream

Sitting beneath the evening sky
With a gentle breeze blowing by
Ten thousand ears are listening
To the dynamic, glowing sounds:
Sounds of your music
Rising in beautiful rolling swells
Like waves cascading across the grounds
Then softly, like a baby's breath,
A melody puts our cares to rest.
And with the coming of the evening's hues.
We savor the sounds of your dream come true.

– Willie T. Grant

Album Tracks

  1. Afrique-Ville
  2. Yvette
  3. When You Dance That Way
  4. Twilight
  5. My Old Flame
  6. I Thought About You
  7. The Resumption
  8. Wake Up Call (At Sister Maya's House)
  9. Arise
  10. Please Send Me Someone to Love
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Grant’s fluid touch and emotional delivery make this CD accessible and friendly as well as smart. Memorable, inexorable and soulful.
— The Oregonian