1989 (Verve-Forecast)
Dedicated to a world with no limits.

Darrell was introduced to international audiences in 1988 as the pianist with the legendary vocalist, Betty Carter. His first recording came in 1989, fronting the group Current Events. Playing funk, worldbeat, and jazz, the band "was my first attempt to put everything in one package,” says Darrell. Called a “band for the 90’s, by Billboard magazine, Current Events created new and original sounds from the world of familiar and accessible sources. Featuring 7 of Darrell’s original compositions, the  music soars beyond boundaries  and explores spirited and different paths.   


  • Tiger Walk
  • Black Angels   
  • Iberia                      
  • B-Boys Jammin' (Like In High School)
  • Baranquilla
  • The Cause
  • The Roll
  • May Flowers

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